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  • Posted on 09/25/2018

Cloudflare Offering New DNS Resolver Service

Cloudflare has launched a DNS service aimed at increasing your Internet speed and ensuring it stays private.

The service - - is a real DNS resolver that anybody may use.

According to Cloudflare, it's the "Internet's fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service." Although people can choose to use Google DNS and Open DNS, Cloudflare is putting heavy attention on privacy using its own DNS service with the promise it would delete all DNS query logs in 24 hours.

Internet service providers usually offer DNS services to convert domain names such as into an IP address that routers and switches can understand. It's the "heart" of the Internet. However, ISP DNS servers are usually slow and not reliable. Any Wi-Fi network you're connected to can use the DNS servers to find all the sites visited, which could be a problem for privacy.

Cloudflare, in conjunction with APNIC, is offering the DNS service through and Many people are using the as a dummy address while the APNIC has unsuccessfully attempted to look at the flow of traffic to the IP address.

Matthew Prince is the CEO of Cloudflare, and he said the company spoke with the APNIC team to learn how they could develop a privacy-first, rapidly fast DNS service. Prince said the company's network received and analyzed the garbage traffic to come up with a DNS resolver for memorable IPS, which is how the system was born.

The DNS service by Cloudflare will provide support for DNS-over-HTTPS and DNS-over-TLS. The company is optimistic that the HTPPS support will lead to more support from operating systems and browsers. The global response time for the current Cloudflare DNS is 14 milliseconds. Google DNS has a response time of 34 milliseconds and Open DNS' time is 20 milliseconds.

Cloudflare is known to help web with services. The network launched a Universal SSL feature several years back, offering free SSL encryption to websites. It also has the DDoS protection that can protect sites from being overrun and hit by mischievous traffic. Check out to learn more about the new DNS service from Cloudflare.


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